Friday, July 26, 2013

My Miracle Boy

6 weeks agos Josephs vision in his left eye was 20/300 (no that wasn't a type-o). At todays visit it was 20/50. God is good to Joseph. God has worked many miracles in his and our families life. 6 weeks ago the Dr was talking about doing surgery on Joseph. I have faith that Joseph will have his eye sight for longer so I started praying that God would provide a way for us to pay for the medical bills that would come our way with a surgery. I know other have been praying for Joseph as well. Today the Dr informed me we may not have to do surgery any more. Miracles do happen. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


Leah said...

We are so happy for Joseph!

Stephanie Dirks said...

How wonderful!!! That is simply amazing. Love those tender mercies sent straight from our Heavenly Father.

The Twelve Tribes of Muldowney said...

This is great news. We love you! Mom Muldowney